Our mission at CENTER health & performance is to provide individualized health care focused on the identification of root cause of symptoms. It is our goal to help people IN A DEEPER WAY than typical care, to free innate energy and intelligence,allowing clients to achieve optimal health and performance. 


Our care is based on neurological and brain-based wellness through QNRT, and neurotherapy, as well as injury, performance and pain protocols through the AMIT method, and PEMF, metabolic work through REAMS metabolic testing, as well as nutrition protocols, individualized nutrition and health coaching, reflexology and craniosacral.


We partner with GLOW cafe to lead individualized cleanses. We have helped hundreds of clients live joyful, engaged lives. This is our goal for each and every individual that walks through our door.


Our work creates BIG SHIFTS, and our clients quickly begin to feel, act and respond with significant difference in their lives, usually quickly.

We help people to lead their best possible lives without chasing around symptoms.




*Metabolic conditions


*Thyroid (including Hashimoto's)

*Hormone imbalance



*Sports Performance

*Gut health and intestinal repair

*Focused Detoxification

We schedule out of state and international clients seeking resolution to chronic health conditions through intensives and retreats. 





We carefully and specifically assess  the root cause of a client's condition. This may include but is not limited to trauma, hormone imbalance, sleep disturbance, chronic stress, chronic autoimmune infection, dental infection, injuries, toxic exposure, or metabolic or allergy work.



Using QNRT and neurotherapy, sleep disturbance and insomnia is effectively treated. Learn more about QNRT here.



We start brain based work with an EEG intake and full neurological evaluation. We then quickly assess  the brain, pinpoint unbalanced brain wave activity, and emotional stress and trauma and begin to balance the brain, nervous system and endocrine system.



Using PEMF therapy, the AMIT method, and neurological reset, these techniques offer unparalleled results for sports injury, pain, and performance. Learn more about the AMIT method here.



We work effectively and confidently with even the toughest of cases to clear autoimmune conditions.


The combination of neurotherapy (brain training) using audio and visual training and neurofeedback with QNRT, greatly improves focus and concentration. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes Neurotherapy as being as effective (and we would argue more effective) than medication. Learn more here.


Evaluating cellular metabolism and metabolic activity gives great insight into inflammatory conditions and optimal functioning. We also lead individualized cleanses through GLOW, through which we craft plant-based, organic, and lectin-free protocols.





is a holistic doctor in Ketchum, Idaho. She blends an effective, unique, and progressive combination of techniques and therapies to achieve efficient results in her practice. Dr. Molly has a passion for natural healing and health that shines bright. She works deeply and confidently with her clients to achieve their goals. Her level of intelligence and dedication leads her clients to success time and time again.

Dr. Molly specializes in techniques that uncover the root cause of pain, immune conditions, hormone and sleep imbalance, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and so much more. She employs powerful methods that allow the body to heal naturally and safely. All methods used by Molly are natural and non-prescriptive.


Molly owns GLOW, a plant-based, organic cafe opened in 2008, through which she leads seasonal group cleanses and offers individualized meal plans and lifestyle support. Her work reflects her passion for consciousness, spirituality, and natural health.


A graduate of Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Spencer Williams studies directly with Dr. Alan Beardall, one of the most influential and inspirational chiropractors of our time.


Following Dr. Beardall’s model of the Human Biocomputer, Dr. Williams has used his vast knowledge of body systems to develop this method over the past 30 years, assisting in establishing the Clinical Kinesiology Procedural Manuals, and identifying the specific muscle tests and reflexes for 30 intrinsic muscles of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. This information has led to the publishing of an instruction manual by Human Biodymanics called, “Muscles of the Neck”. He is also the author of two instructional videotapes on how to test the “Muscles of the Neck” and the “Muscles of the Lower Back”.


Dr. Williams has taught numerous seminars and workshops on specific muscle testing and advanced Biocomputer procedures. His thoughtful, approachable demeanor, combined with his fierce intellect and talent for teaching how to systematically resolve the cause of chronic body problems, makes him a prominent lecturer on restoring proper body function.


Dr. Williams is the Vice President of AMIT. He created the manuals for testing and training over 600 muscles of the human body for the AMIT method. He has developed 30 specific muscle tests and reflexes of the neck and spine. Both a personable and caring chiropractor and a thorough and intelligent teacher, Dr. Williams brings his expertise to the Ketchum area through CENTER health and performance. He has had a private practice in Twin Falls Idaho since 1979. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is a true gem for the Sun Valley area.




"My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been very sick over the past few years with pale skin, high fevers and never ending colds. I brought her to see Molly for a QNRT session and I am amazed at the difference. We found out that there was mold in our home which was the culprit if the chronic sickness in my daughter as well as my other children to a lesser degree. Her immune system was boosted and the little supplementation that Molly recommended helped clear her body. She looks like a different kiddo. She has color in her face, she is happier and I couldn't be more pleased!"

"My son suffered from very painful stomachaches for 6 months. We had two sessions with Molly who pinpointed the root of the problem, corrected the issue through QNRT neurological balance, and the stomachaches are gone. He hasn’t missed a day of school since. I would highly recommend Molly!"

"After just one QNRT session with Molly I had one of my best nights of sleep in months. After 5 sessions my blood pressure numbers are great and my interrupted sleep patterns have disappeared. I am so thankful and a huge fan of her services."

"After an autoimmune diagnosis 10 years ago I've worked with as many different practitioners as I thought could help, from the best endocrinologists at famous clinics to massage therapists and emotional therapies. Each modality had it's benefits but I wasn't seeing the results I believed I could get, and unfortunately the disease was progressing as the years ticked by. Working with Molly, I've had more improvement than from any other doctor or method. My energy has greatly improved, my mental clarity is on the mend and I'm able to exercise regularly again after many years without it. Molly has unique and effective tools to work on the root of causes rather than symptom management. Molly is always positive, supportive and a pleasure to work with!"



We begin with an evaluation of each client with precision, awareness, intelligence, and experience. Crafting an individualized protocol for each individual, we determine the best course of action for the most efficient results.